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To contact Midnight Eye, e-mail to: editorial [at] midnighteye [dot] com

For all technical queries, contact: webmaster [at] midnighteye [dot] com

The Midnight Eye Frequently Asked Questions List

What is Midnight Eye?

Midnight Eye is an entirely non-commercial, non-profit initiative intended to spread knowledge and appreciation of Japanese cinema. We are not affiliated with anyone but ourselves.

Can I use your interview / review / article / photography on my own website?

Sorry, but no. It's enough work keeping our own website running without having to work for others. We have always created our own original material and we find it no more than natural that other websites do the same thing.

But my readers don't understand English and I'd like to share your great writing with more people.

Sorry, the answer is still no. Why pass up the opportunity to become the resident authority on Japanese film in your own language by creating a great site full of original content?

How can I join your film school?

We are not a film school.

I'd like to get in touch with my favourite Japanese filmmaker. Could you give me his/her e-mail address please?

We don't give out your contact details to anyone who asks, so please don't ask us to give you someone else's.

How can I get a review copy of one of your books?

Please contact the book's publisher. We don't have any copies at hand.

How can I get my writing published on Midnight Eye?

We are always on the lookout for talented writers. If you would like to submit something that you think might be suitable to Midnight Eye, contact us at the usual address and let us know what you plan to send. Don't send us your article straight away, since any messages with attachments that we didn't ask for go straight into the bin.

If we like your writing, we will publish it. It's that simple. But, since this site is a "non-commercial, non-profit initiative" we can't pay you for your contribution. There have been known to be other benefits to getting your work published on Midnight Eye, though.

Can I advertise on Midnight Eye?

We despise banners and pop-ups, but suggestions of any other kind are welcome.

Can I send you a DVD / tape / book for review?

But of course. (Obligatory disclaimer: submitting a review copy does not guarantee coverage.)

How can I get myself such a superbly designed website?

Martin our designer doesn't come cheap, but he might well build you one if you ask him nicely.